Vegan Diet: what to eat on a vegan diet step by step

Vegan Diet: what to eat on a vegan diet step by step

Vegan Diet overview:- A vegan diet is an eating plan that eliminates all animal products, including meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and honey. People decide to adopt quietness for various reasons such as moral reasons or religious principles. Others may decide to become vegetarian to reduce their ecological footprint, as plant-based diets are thought to generate less greenhouse gas emissions and use fewer natural resources.

Changing a completely vegan diet can be rough at first. Do not know what to eat to make the change permanent. This is the reason why your research is advised to pay attention to food, breakfast and various types of protein choices. The health benefits of converting to a vegan diet are many and many and can be a complete game-changer in the sport of weight loss.

Here are some reasons you want to focus on a vegan diet for weight loss

  • Excess intake of fiber, low intake of saturated fat = thin body mass, low percentage body fat: – Increasing your intake of raw vegetables and fruits leads to a big increase in dietary fiber which not only regulates your digestive system It helps in doing but also helps better. Your digestion at first.
  • Low environmental impact: – It takes so much more money, water and time to feed the herds for meat than the meat and fruits we eat daily. By not eating only meat or animal products, you are helping to cut down on the environmental impact of using too much water as it is becoming a precious resource due to severe drought and land degradation.
  • Disease prevention: – When you eliminate dairy and meat products from your diet, your cholesterol decreases and hence high blood pressure. Vegetarian diets can help prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as other health problems such as osteoporosis, cataracts, and some types of cancer such as prostate and breast cancer.

What to eat?

There are lots of options for vegetarian food and breakfast. It’s not boring as most people think it is and you can have dinner with any of your friends in (almost) any restaurant.

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fat-free refried beans, black beans, kidney beans garbanzo beans, peanuts, string beans, snow peas, sugar snap peas, lentils, tofu, soybeans, peanut, almond, cashew, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, brown rice, quinoa, sprouted grain bread and wraps, protein shake, vegan protein powder, etc.
Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin D 3, Iron, Omega 3s (fish oil), Flax oil, etc.


(1.) Vegetables

Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Sugar snap peas, Tomatoes, Bell peppers, Avocado, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Spaghetti Squash, Asparagus, Kale, Garlic, Onions (red, white, green), Swiss or Rainbow Chard, Sweet Potatoes, Cabbage, Salad Mix (prewashed is great for quick and easy salads), Eggplant, etc.

(2.) Fruits

Apples (green or red), Peaches, Apricots, Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries), Bananas, Oranges, Mangoes, Papaya, Guava, Figs, Dried fruit (dates, apricots, cranberries, figs, etc), Lemons, Limes, etc.

(3.) Foods

Green beans, Edamame (soybeans), Tofutti Ice Cream Sandwiches (they are small and fun-sized and delicious‐ they come in vanilla and mint chip), Frozen Fruit medley (berries, etc‐ great for adding to smoothies), Veggie Burgers, Tofu (extra firm), Coconut or Soy milk yogurt (preferably plain since there is not as much sugar added), Non‐dairy milk (coconut, soy, flax, almond‐ again, to your preference but try to get the unsweetened versions), Vegan Cheese (I recommend Daiya Cheddar cheese‐ it’s pretty good but if you are really looking to lose weight).

(4.) Grains and Legumes

Sprouted Wheat Bread (Silver Hills bread‐ in the refrigerator section), Manna Bread Cinnamon Date (optional‐ in the freezer section at Mother’s and Ralphs‐ non-yeast bread), Sprouted Wheat wraps or whole wheat tortillas (make sure there are no dairy products or lard in the tortillas), Whole Wheat Vegan Noodles (make sure there are no eggs in the ingredients), Brown Rice or Sprouted Grain rice (Trader Joe’s has frozen packets of Sprouted Red Rice that is amazing), Brown Lentils, Black Beans, Refried Beans (fat-free or vegetarian‐ make sure there is no lard), Quinoa (cooks just like rice), Raw or Roasted Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds), Roasted Peanuts (homemade peanut sauce‐ unless you’re allergic), Nut Butters (almond, sunflower, cashew), etc.

(5.) Cooking and Spices

Coconut Oil (unrefined‐ both in bulk and in spray form), Olive Oil (spray form is great), Balsamic Vinegar (great for cooking), Coconut butter (coconut flesh and oil combined‐ great addition to smoothies), Spike Seasoning (the end all, be all of the seasonings‐ the best around), Vegan Dressing (Annie’s Goddess dressing, regular or Lite, Light Italian dressings, etc), Vegan Mayonnaise (I recommend Just Mayo‐ in the refrigerator section‐ do not use very often since it is pure oil but it’s still good to have in the fridge for recipes), Fresh Herbs (basil, cilantro, mint‐ these are all great additions to salads, wraps, and sandwiches), Curry Powder (Madras Curry is the best), Garam Masala (good for sweeter tasting curries), Apple Cider Vinegar, Capers, Olives, Pickles, Hummus, Liquid Aminos (the best replacement for soy sauce‐ so much healthier and tastes better too), etc.

(6.) Extras

Vegan Protein Powder, Vitamin and Mineral supplement with Vitamin B‐12 and Iron, Kombucha (fermented tea with probiotics and antioxidants‐ it’s an acquired taste but great for helping you feel regular), Vegan Protein Bars (great for snacks and when you’re a little hungry), Trail Mixes or Nut mixes (try to go for raw nuts and seeds since they have the best proteins and amino acids), Dried Herbs (rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, etc), Nutritional Yeast (great source of Vitamin B‐12), Chia Seeds (great for smoothies, adding to granola or yogurt, or making Chia Pudding), Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar (good sweeteners that have a low glycemic index so they will not spike your blood sugar‐ and no, honey is not vegan), etc.

Benefits of a vegan diet

A vegetarian diet has been linked to many health benefits, including improvement in weight and protection from some chronic diseases. However, eating a balanced, healthy diet on a vegetarian diet can often be difficult and heavy.

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Vegan Diet: what to eat on a vegan diet step by step
Vegan Diet: Vegan plate
  1. Vegans have a 75% lower risk of developing hypertension than omnivores, or those who eat both meat and plants;
  2. Lower body mass index (BMI) and lower levels of total and LDL (bad) cholesterol. High levels for these markers are all risk factors for heart disease;
  3. Vegetarian diets can also aid in weight management;
  4. Adhering to a vegetarian diet for 6 months reduces calorie and fat content, as well as low-calorie, rapid short-term weight loss compared to an omnivorous diet;
  5. Vegetarian can be beneficial for blood sugar control and may help reduce your risk of diabetes;
  6. A study in approximately 71,000 people showed that vegetarians were more than 2 times less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than omnivores;
  7. A vegetarian diet can also reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis – including joint pain and inflammation – and some cancer risks, such as the breast and prostate;

Vegan diet plan

1. No-Bake Almond Butter Coconut Bites

Coconut Shreds or Flakes
¾ cup
Pure Maple Syrup¼ cup
Rolled Oats¾ cup
Ground Flaxseed ¼ cup
Almonds with Raisins ¼ cup
Almond Butter¾ cup


1. In a large bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients: coconut, oats, flax, and almonds.
2. In a medium bowl, mix the wet ingredients together: almond butter and maple syrup.
3. Pour wet mixture over dry mixture. Using a strong color, twist together until well incorporated.
4. Scoop mixture into your hands. Roll and press into the bite. If the mixture is slightly dry, add a little more almond butter or maple syrup. Enjoy it.

2. Apple Almond Butter Sandwiches

Apple1 Large
Almond Butter2 tablespoons


1. Slice apple like you would a loaf bread into thin/medium slices starting on one side until you reach the core.
2. Do the same on the other side. Spread almond butter onto apple slices and make a sandwich. Enjoy!

3. Crunchy Kale Chips

(any variety, fresh, organic)
1 cup
Coconut Oil
(Organic, Raw)
1 tsp
Spike Seasoning1 ½ tsp
Curry Powder½ tsp


1. Preheat oven to 350ºF.
2. Remove the stem, and break the bud leaves into it shaped pieces. (Make sure the banana is dry because you don’t want to steam it during baking – salad spinners actually work great for drying the bananas.)
3. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl, ensuring that each piece is evenly coated.
4. Arrange the bananas in a single layer on a baking sheet with tin foil and bake for 5-8 minutes.
5. Stir the pieces and bake for an additional 5 minutes. The bud should be crispy but not too brown.

4. Vegan Apple Pie Granola Bars

Rolled Oats1 cup
Whole-grain Spelled Flour¼ cup
Coconut Sugar¼ cup
Ground Cinnamon½ tablespoon
Freshly Grated Nutmeg¼ teaspoon
Salt¼ teaspoon
Dried Apples
(chopped small)
1 cup
unsweetened applesauce¼ cup (+) 1 tablespoon
Coconut Oil
3 tablespoons
Pure Vanilla Extract¾ teaspoon


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Lightly lubricate a 9 x 5-inch loaf pan with coconut oil.
2. In a large bowl, shake the oats, flour, coconut sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sea salt together. Fold in pieces of dried apple. Add to apple, coconut oil, and vanilla and mix completely one more time included. Transfer to your prepared baking pan and use a spatula to flatten it into the pack, even layer. It is important to pack the mixture down so that they can hold their shape once the bars are baked.
3. Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until the top turns light brown.
4. Remove from the oven and permit to cool down completely. Flip the pan upside down to leave the bars on a cutting board (they should pop out relatively easily), then slice into 5 pieces.
5. Store leftover granola bars in the fridge in an air individually tight container or individually wrap for easy access. They also freeze well.

5. Baked Apple Chips

Cinnamon (to taste)1 pinch


1. Remove the apple core. I most likely did it wrong because half of the apple was missing when I removed it but you get the idea.
2. Finely chop the whole apple.
3. Line a cooking utensil with parchment paper and place apple slices thereon.
4. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
5. Bake at 275 degrees for two hours. Check every half an hour to make sure they are not burning. At the end of the first hour, flip them so that they bake evenly.
6. Remove and let cool. They will keep in a plastic bag for 2 days. Enjoy them with Coconut Milk Curd!

6. Zucchini Chips

Zucchini1 large
Olive Oil2 tbsp
Kosher salt


1. Preheat the oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Line 2 large baking sheets with silicone baking mats or parchment paper (you can use two 17-inch baking sheets).
2. Slice your zucchini onto a mandolin. Mine was 1, 2, or 3 for thickness and I used 2.
3. once you slice your zucchini, place the slices on a sheet of towel (paper) and take another towel (paper) and sandwich the zucchini slices and proceed them. This helps to flush out the liquid so it will cook a little faster.
4. Line the zucchini slices on a tightly prepared baking sheet next to each other in a straight line, to ensure that they cannot be overlayed.
5. In a small bowl, pour your olive oil and take a pastry brush to brush olive oil over each zucchini slice.
6. Sprinkle salt in the baking sheet. NOT over the season, in fact, it is better to use less salt initially because the slices will shrink; So if you are over the season, it will be very salty! You can always add more later.
7. Bake for 2 + hours until they start to brown and become boring and crisp.
8. Allow cooling before removing and serving.
9. Do not keep in an airtight container for more than 3 days.

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