A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay: – Diabetes is caused when either your body stops producing the required amount of insulin to break down sugar (Type 1) or, due to age, obesity, high blood pressure, and other external factors (Type 2). This sends your body into an overdrive of insulin antibody production that wears out the cells producing the insulin.

Diabetes is a serious condition involving the escalation of your blood sugar level to a harmful measure; a disease that requires extra attention and treatment. It is being said that this should not be left behind from living your life completely. Following your doctor’s instructions and his/her instructed diet will permit you to reap the rewards of a long and healthy life. And if you’re already past your prime and have that fear of contracting diabetes, you can be rest assured that this is a preventable condition. But first, let’s take a look as to what causes diabetes.


A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

It has been verified scientifically that leading an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight is a great way to prevent diabetes in the senior years. This is because, when you live a healthy lifestyle, your body doesn’t have to burn as much sugar as it would have to do otherwise thereby, disallowing the wear down of your insulin cells. Following a healthy manner of living is easier stated than done but when compared to the surrogate hardships of life, managing such a lifestyle should be a walk in the park.

Living with Diabetes

Living with diabetes isn’t any different from living a normal lifestyle. You just need to add a dose of extra care. Here are some tips to keep your diabetes in check while you continue living life to the fullest:-

1. Eat healthy

A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

Your doctor must have already informed you to drop calorie intake, and you must follow this religiously. Maintain the sugar level on the down low and this includes all sugars – even the ones in fruits. If you presume you lack the self-control to stick to your diet plan, the desire for services of a nutritionist or synchronize your meals with a diabetic friend – Partners in Crime, but source a way to keep that sugar level below the permissible limit.

2. Exercise

A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

This doesn’t mean that you need to start the gym for 2 hours a day. Even a walk fast for 30 minutes would do the trick (again, this depends on your sugar count and the doctor’s diagnosis). If you have grandchildren, you could visit the local park with them in the evening, or try out other fun activities that would get you moving.

3. The Treatment

A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

This is a very important tip contributing to effective diabetes management. You must never miss a dose of your medication and regularly check your blood sugar levels on time. Be on the lookout for any small cuts on your hands and feet. If you see any, call your doctor instantly. They say that “Life is short”. What they don’t say is that it all depends on how short you want it to be. Follow the above tips diligently, live life to the completely, and take control of diabetes before it takes control of you.

Don’t Let Diabetes Stop You from Living Your Life to the Fullest

Old age is just a ‘state of mind’ and should never define your lifestyle! How young or old you feel has a huge influence on your health and how others perceive you. So, never let your feel anxious overrule you, never let your hope & self-confidence take a dip and most importantly, never let ailments like diabetes deteriorate your health.

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The following diabetes prevention & management tips will help you stop sympathizing and start celebrating your life all over again – because it’s never too late! Such small yet significant lifestyle changes can prevent or delay the begin of diabetes and if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, these suggestions can slow the progression.

1. Keep a Check on that Weight My Friend

A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay

Lower the chance of diabetes by losing every pound you can. Excess body weight can increase the body’s resistance to the hormone insulin, which also happens gang up prominent causes of diabetes. Aerobic exercises will best assist you in your weight-loss mission.

2. Whole Grains are your Best Friends

Are you eating or not enough whole grain? If not, then add nutritious whole grain in your meals. Whole wheat (commonly found in products bread and pasta), brown rice, quinoa, corn, whole oats, whole rye, whole-grain barley are just a few of the whole-grain treats.

Extra Tip: Don’t allow food marketers to trick you by ensuring that the label says ‘100% whole grain’.

3. Get Rough & Tough with Fiber Diet

Our ancestors always advised us to ‘relish every bite of the meal and eat slowly without overeating’. Fiber-rich foods can help you achieve just that! By improving your blood sugar control, a fiber diet can help lower the risk of diabetes and promote weight loss by helping you feel absolutely. Simply integrate foods like fruits, nuts, beans & whole grains into your diet and leave the rest to your immune system.

4. Monitor your Health Regularly

monitore health regurarly

It is always a good action point to get time-to-tme full-body check-ups, especially your blood glucose, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels in case of any genetic diabetes history or visible diabetes symptoms. Don’t hesitate to sharing your concerns about diabetes with your doctor; they may scold you at times, but they will never quit on you!

We know that changing your lifestyle can be difficult, but it is quality the effort, trust us!

So What If You’ve Got ‘Diabetes’?

Believe this or not, your health is like the weather. If the weather is bad one day, it will get better! So what you need to understand here is to treat any health-related issue like a passing cloud and never let it dull your sparkle!

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While we all know about diabetes and we all have our own tips and methods to recover from it, most of us aren’t even aware that there are no specific restrictions for the diabetic. So before anyone else presides over YOUR terms of living, it’s time to burst the 5 myths that surround people diagnosed with diabetes:-

Myth 1 – Sugar is your Enemy, Avoid it!

Cutting sugar and sweets from a diet is like punishment and no one deserves such a harsh one! So even if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, there is absolutely no reason to ban sugar from your diet. Consume it in the right quantity (as allowed by the doc) – every cell in the body requires that necessary glucose for energy.

Myth 2 – ‘INSULIN’: The 7 Most Dreaded Alphabets

A universally misunderstood medication, insulin is truly a life saviour, without a doubt. Some individual perceive/think that insulin causes blindness; others fear that insulin could cause complications leading to death. While the first myth is completely untrue, the second one is a hilarious joke. Just as how a head massage is for relaxation of the mind, insulin is like a healing therapy for your body.

Myth 3 – Obesity = Diabetes

While it is true that being obese is a high-risk factor for begin diabetes, other factors such as physical activity involvement, family history and age also play a significant role. Having said that, don’t let this collude you into a carefree binge-eating lifestyle!

Myth 4 – Eat a Special Diet to Keep Diabetes in Check

Really? A healthy diet is recommended to everyone and meals for a diabetic has no special or extraordinary rules. You should always keep a check on what your body needs in order to function normally – nothing over or under!

Myth 5 – Diabetes Affects your Immunity

Never! You are no more chances of get a cold or any other illness only because you have diabetes.

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So don’t fall into false traps, there is nothing wrong with having diabetes and it is definitely not the end of the world! The trick is to stay informed, keep motivated & spread the word.

“A Guide to Keep Diabetes at Bay”

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