Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain

Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain

Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain is suitable for people stuck in a plateau, and this workout plan is specially designed for who stuck in a plateau. Changes in your old routine will shock your muscles and you will find a tremendous result. Stick to this workout plan for a minimum of 8-weeks continuously for a better change in the body.


If you are not getting results from the current workout plan, then we believe that we have got a proper workout plan for you. This pyramid workout plan can be a great routine, which is great for helping to increase strength and hypertrophy. During each exercise, using the rep range gives a shock to the new growth. With a maximum exercise routine, you can either target power (low rep range with a heavy load), or hypertrophy “muscle gain” (moderate weight for medium to high rep range). Power and overgrowth routine are effective. Although, even the most effective programs begin to induce stale and also the body can presently adapt. 8-week plate breaker pyramid workout scheme can break the plateau! The pyramid routine is predicated round the rep ranges you utilize for every exercise.

Follow this workout plan at the gym for 6-8 weeks, and you are forced to break through the plateau and receive what you are looking for.

Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain schedule

MondayChest /Triceps/Shoulders
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Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain
Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain
Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain
Plateau breaking workout plan for muscle gain


rest period 120 seconds between standard sets or supersets.

Important point to focus before follow plateau breaking workout plan

  • According to the specialists, striking these plateaus is nothing uncommon. As your weight gain and your body composition changes, thus do your nutritionary needs.
  • The truth of the matter is hat almost all individuals dissatisfied their guard a bit when their initial weight gain. It’s utterly natural to induce easier with the intake plan and probably overlook the prescribed portion sizes or quantities.
  • Always increase weights during a slow and controlled manner. Bouncing or swinging the load will very little to create strength and should find yourself inflicting injury.
  • You’d be shocked however quickly a muscle cluster adapts to a particular exercise. whereas varied the intensity of an exercise will facilitate overcome a plateau, varied your exercise routine is simply as necessary.
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