Strength Training: 5×5 Workout Plan for Massive gains

Strength Training: 5×5 Workout for Massive gains overview:- A lot of people don’t know that muscle building and fat loss are two separate goals you cannot achieve both goals at one time to gain muscle, you need more calories means Caloric Surplus and of fat loss, you need fewer calories means Caloric Deficit.


Overview of Strength Training

Strength training, sometimes referred to as resistance training, refers to a particular method of conditioning in which mixed resistance loads and different types of training aim to promote health, fitness, and sport-specific performance. Are included. Strength training is using muscle force against resistance. Muscles adapt to any type of resistance. Resistance can be a heavy object, one’s own body weight, elastic resistance from the band, or other types of machine resistance can cause resistance to the pleura or molecules. The heavier item may be a kettlebell, free weight, log, beer keg, rock, another person e.t.c that has mass.

Benefits of Strength training

  1. Build muscle tissue;
  2. Improves inter- and intra-muscular coordination – in other words, the ability to coordinate your moving parts;
  3. Improving the rate of force generation – how quickly you can generate force to move against resistance;
  4. Strengthening connective tissues such as tendons;
  5. Preserves and enlarges muscles;
  6. Maintains and increases metabolic rate;
  7. Improve bone density;
  8. Improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity;
  9. Reduce the risk of injury;
  10. Improve the ability to engage in daily activities;
  11. Improve balance;
  12. Increases speed, power, and agility;
  13. Improve self-esteem;
  14. Increases strength and endurance;
  15. Improve overall anatomy;
  16. Reduces levels of bad cholesterol;
  17. Lowers blood pressure;
  18. Improve aerobic capacity;

How to perform a 5×5 workout program?

In the 5×5 workout program, Traditionally you would perform the first two sets at the lower end (65% & 75%) of your weight range, and perform your last 3 sets at the upper finish (85%) of your most weight range. In this means, you’re getting ready the body with increasingly heavier lifts versus risking injury by jumping right into the heaviest weight.


5×5 workout program is for people who wish to achieve muscle while not obtaining fat during this program you may train five times per week we are going to do serious weight training where we are going to activate the fast-twitch muscle fiber that is the necessary muscle fiber to achieve size together with size we are going to build our strength moreover we are going to do 5 sets of each exercise and 5 reps of each set suggests that muscle size 5×5 five sets of five reps to attain any fitness goal its necessary that your nutrition should be right if your nutrition isn’t smart then you will not be ready to succeed your fitness goal thus 1st, you have to fix your nutrition.

Muscle 5×5 is minimum 6-week program those that are advanced ought to follow it for six weeks those that is a beginner and intermediate suggests that those that simply started training or been training for 3-4 years they can follow it for up to 12 weeks then their body will hit plateau means when your body stops giving any results.

Strength Training: 5×5 Workout plan

Barbell Incline Press5×5
Dumbbell Flat Bench Press5×5
Decline Dips5×5
Cable Flys5×5
MONDAY- CHEST strength training 5×5 workout plan
V-­Grip Lat Pulldown5×5
Close Grip Machine Rows5×5
Wide Grip V-­Bar Lat Pull-­down5×5
Hyper Extension5×5
TUESDAY- BACK strength training 5×5 workout plan
Barbell Preacher Curl5×5
Dumbbell Hammer Curl5×5
Triceps Skull Crusher5×5
Dumbbell Overhead
Dumbbell Kickback5×5
Weighted Incline Crunches2×20
Laying Reverse Crunches2×20
Hanging Knee Raise2×20
WEDNESDAY- ARMS/ABS strength training 5×5 workout plan
Barbell Press
(Behind The Neck)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press5×5
Dumbbell Side Raise5×5
Dumbbell Front Raise5×5
Barbell Shrugs5×5
FRIDAY- SHOULDERS strength training 5×5 workout plan
Leg Presses5×5
Dumbbell Walking Lunges5×5
Leg Extension5×5
Calf Raise on Leg Press5×5
SATURDAY- LEGS strength training 5×5 workout plan


Rest 1-2 minutes after every set

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