Tricep workouts: Exercises for Mass and Definition

Tricep workouts overview:- Before doing tricep workouts, it is very important to know about its muscle heads or groups. Tricep brachii has three muscles: LATERAL HEAD, LONG HEAD, and MEDIAL HEAD. As you can see in the picture given below, I have shown all three heads in three different colors so that you will be very easy to understand. First of all, let me tell you that the tricep muscle is 60% of our arm. And only 40% of our arms are bicep muscle. If you want a bigger arm make sure to train your tricep. Tricep is 60% of the arm because it has 3 muscles and biceps has 2 muscle long and short.

Tricep workouts: Exercises for Mass and Definition

The function of tricep

Tricep function is extending elbow means extending arm. Arm extending is all depends upon tricep, with the help of tricep we extend the arm. It helps our posture as well…posture depends all on tricep. If want to see the proper definition, properly defined tricep, then you have to train all three muscles. This will make your muscles sharper than other muscles, so you have to make a mind-muscle connection which is very important. Workout for long head like; all overhead extension, dumbbell skull crusher, barbell skull crusher. You should add bodyweight dips for sure! In bodyweight dips, you train both lateral and medial head in this exercise your long head is not training. And in the rope press-down exercise, all three heads are trained. So make sure you go all the way up and squeeze all the way down, which is important for you.

Tricep workouts plan for Mass

a) Decline Barbell Skull Crushers
b) Barbell Close Grip Tricep Presses
3 x 8
2. Triceps Press-downs3 x 8
3. Triceps Machine Press Down3 x 8
4. DB Overhead Extension3 x 8


Rest 90 seconds after every set.
Tricep workouts for Mass

Tricep workouts plan for Definition

1. Incline Barbell Skull Crusher3 x 16
2. Cable Underhand Press down3 x 16
3. Cable Kickback3 x 16
4. Triceps Bench Dips3 x 16


Rest 45 seconds after every set.
Tricep workouts for Definition

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